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As a liner agent we represent some of the most important ship-owners worldwide. We are committed to fulfil our principals' interests. We sell their sea freights; arrange bookings on their vessels, submit all relevant documentation. We provide port and agency services to our valued partners:

  • Ship's consignment,
  • Logistic solutions,
  • Inland trucking,
  • Brokerage,
  • Customs clearance,
  • Crew transfers,
  • Passenger & car handling,
  • Container control.
Tunisia Liner Service
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Our Main Customers And Partners

Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV)

we are general agent of GNV in Tunisia since 2000 GRANDI NAVI VELOCI is one of the leading Italian shipping companies operating in the fields of coastal navigation and passenger transport in the Mediterranean Sea. The company was founded in 1992 and the first ship, the M/n Majestic, was launched in 1993.
GRANDI NAVI VELOCI owns 10 ships and operates shipping connections to Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco and France. As well as passenger services, the GRANDI NAVI VELOCI fleet is committed to the development of Motorways of the Sea routes: seaborne transport represents a cheaper alternative to traditional road transport and provides a worthwhile solution to environmental issues linked to the intensive use of motor vehicles on our road networks
GNV offers two different lines of business between Italy and Tunisia: Ro-Ro Transport Passengers Transport

Brointermed Lines Ltd

D’Alessandro Agent is the general Agent of Brointermed Lines in Tunisia Brointermed lines ltd, is one of the leading shipping lines serving North Africa from the North Continent, UK, Portugal and Mediterranean ports.
The service started from the early 80's to Libya and nowadays Brointermed lines serves the ports of Algeria, Libya and Malta on a regular basis sailing from the UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Portugal and Italy.
An efficient feeder system also connects Spain, France and Greece to all the Libyan destinations.


  • North continent/UK/Portugal Service
  • Mediterranean Service
  • Far East Service
  • USA/Gulf Service
  • North continent/UK/Portugal Service
  • Mediterranean Service
  • Far East Service
  • USA/Gulf Service
  • Mediterranean Service

Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) :

Nippon Yusen Kaisha provides container services between Asia and Tunisia. Since 2007, D’Alessandro represents Nippon Yusen Kaisha as its shipping agency in Tunisia. Recognized as one of the world’s leading transport company, NYK is committed to high safety and quality of services standards. Based in Tokyo, the NYK group employs that 55 000 persons and has regional headquarters all around the world including in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, and Sao Paulo.
NYK is a global international carriers owning a wide and extensive shipping fleet that includes 148 container ships, 354 bulk carriers, 56 Wood Ship carriers, 121 car carriers, 85 tankers, 28 LNG carriers, three cruise ships, and 43 other ships. In March 2012, the group was operating 838 major ocean vessels but also fleets of planes, trains, and trucks worldwide.  

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